We take care of our cows

Animal care is our priority.

That’s why Canadian dairy farmers invest in new technologies and equipment, as well as support research at top Canadian universities to ensure continuous improvements in animal comfort.

Healthy cows are happy cows.

Canadian dairy farmers regularly consult experts like veterinarians and ruminant nutritionists to maintain the health and well-being of the animals under their care.

We produce milk within a system of caring and sharing.

Every Canadian dairy farm provides animal care and handling that respect the regulations and/or guidelines of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, provincial departments of agriculture, and other regulatory bodies such as the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

We would never allow for antibiotic residues

Caring for our cows means treating them when they’re sick.

This includes antibiotic treatments, which are administered according to the advice or under prescription by veterinarians and duly recorded in permanent farm records.

Protecting the milk supply.

Treated cows are visually identified so they are milked separately, and that milk is discarded for a mandated time period. The cow’s milk will be accepted again only after antibiotics have cleared the cow’s system, so her milk clears tests for antibiotic residues.

Food safety means integrity.

Which is why all milk produced on Canadian farms is tested for antibiotic residues at its arrival at the processing plant. Any milk that tests suspect positive is discarded - never processed into products that are sold to the public. The farmers responsible are fined heavily.

We refuse artificial growth hormones

The pure and simple truth:

Artificial growth hormones (rbST) used to stimulate milk production are not approved for sale, or permitted for use in Canada.

Canadian dairy farmers respect Canadian standards.

This means that no Canadian dairy cow can be given artificial growth hormones. So, you can feel good knowing your milk, yogurt, cheese and any dairy product made with Canadian milk should not contain any of these artificial hormones.

Here’s where Canada stands apart from the rest.

The use of the growth hormone recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST) is not approved for use in Canada, but legal in the U.S. and some other countries. Look for the Dairy Farmers of Canada logo to ensure the dairy products are made from Canadian milk.

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We believe in producing only quality milk

Official in every way.

Before they can produce milk and operate their farm, all Canadian dairy farmers must be licensed by provincial authorities, as well as inspected at least every second year.

Always on schedule and always fresh.

99.9% of all Canadian milk is picked up from the farm every second day. Plus, all milk truck drivers are trained experts in grading milk by sight and smell. They also inspect, measure, and take sanitary samples of milk before loading it onto the truck.

Canadian milk is among the best milk in the world.

In fact, all dairy farmers must meet the Canadian regulatory limit for somatic cell count, which is the same as some of the best world standards of 400,000 SCC. Learn more about SCC here.

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